Our resource section is a great opportunity for us to share with you information, links, videos, contacts and ideas. This page is a working progress, so please bear with us while we compile as much useful information that we can to help parents, coaches and students.


Adaptive Judo Coaching Resources

Our international expertise in adaptive judo has greatly contributed to the creation of a number of comprehensive adaptive judo coaching resources during 2021/22.

Special Olympics Judo Coaching Guide 2021: The first of these resources is the new Special Olympics International Coaching Guide for Judo. This is the first time SO judo history that judo has its own coaching guide. The guide can be downloaded here Sports-Essentials-Judo-Coaching-Guide-2021-v2

Autjudo Best Practice Coaching Manual: The second important coaching resources is a result of our participation in the EU Erasmus+ Audjudo Research Project. As part of this project our team were editors and co-writers of the Autjudo Best Practice Coaching Manual. This Manual is available in English, Spanish, Swedish and Italian. Click here to view and download

Autjudo Adaptive Judo Competition Guide: As a compliment to the Autjudo Best Practice manual we also produced an Adaptive Judo Competition Guide. This Guide can be viewed and downloaded here