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Inclusive Judo in Slovenia - 25 years

The Judo Association of Slovenia has been developing the inclusive sports project for more than 25 years. The project is a sports, social, and also a health innovation in Slovenia. It is based on modern, generally accepted principles of the social work/profession, which is the primary profession dealing with vulnerable groups.  full article 

Welcome to the World Adaptive Judo website.

Our aim to deliver quality information, education and practical help to the adaptive judo community worldwide.

World Adaptive Judo is dedicated to the promotion and development of all forms and levels of adaptive judo across the world.  Adaptive judo is specifically developed to encourage physical activity, inclusion, competitiveness and wellbeing to the wider judo community who live with a complex range of abilities and disabilities.

Our approach is to promote all adaptive judo organisations that offer different, but equally important aspects of adaptive judo across the globe. These aspects can include, leisure and pleasure opportunities for students that just want to enjoy being part of an amazing sport to high level competitive opportunities, and of course everything in between.

Our main objectives include

  • Promote and develop adaptive judo worldwide
  • Work with all adaptive judo organisation for the betterment of the sport
  • Deliver quality online adaptive judo courses for existing and new adaptive judo coaches (in multiple languages)
  • Offer help and advice to international National Governing Bodies on the formation & development of adaptive judo programmes
  • Promote and develop opportunities and facilities to enable, assist and enhance the participation, enjoyment and performance of adaptive/inclusive judo

We are developing a network of contributing partners who will share with us there experiences, knowledge and advice to help our membership partners develop their programs worldwide.

We must always remember why we are involved in this amazing element of our sport and more importantly, who we do it for!